Most people are faced with daily obstacles, because if we weren’t we wouldn’t be people. But it’s not about the obstacles, it’s about the way we overcome them. And if we are too blind to see what’s right in front of a veil and what’s behind it, then there’s no hope when challenged.

There are few who understand the patterns. Difficult patterns, yes, but also the simple ones. These patterns can be brought up in concepts from math to linguistics, from dreaming to reality. There are always patterns, although the visible ones are vaguely recognized, and that’s the problem.

We tend to get wrapped up in issues concerning the lives of others, and focus on things that don’t directly involve us nor require our assistance, but we force ourselves into the position anyways to feel as if we have meaning.

That’s the pattern.

We repeat this over and over until there is nothing left to solve except the individual you neglected to care for all the while.


And if we cannot care for ourselves then how are we to mingle with the fate of others? This is what I don’t understand. Oh, but I’m to understand everything based upon written knowledge that isn’t a necessity unless you put it within terms of a sanctioned curriculum. Another pattern.

So, if there is a pattern in everything, which includes the way I speak, write, see, look, hear, and experience, then there should also be a pattern in your life, should there not? Ah, but here’s the catch. You are too caught up in the shadows, lingering close to those you think you love, and worrying about them instead of yourself. Which means there is no good pattern. It is a negative one. You can’t really break it unless you try wholeheartedly and put the time and dedication needed when choosing a crossroads, but it’s not impossible.

Most things are impossible to followers, the ones who testify against the dreamers. In order to chose what form of life you are to take, you need to be strong. Strong enough to face the obstacles I’d told you of earlier. Strong enough to care for your own shadow. Strong enough to see the patterns placed within words and minutes and money and power.

Living is not a choice, really. Everyone has a purpose. You just have to look for it and seize it when you think it’s been found. If this is too hard for you, then there’s no use in trying to be anything more than a mere silhouette among crowds who follow rules and go on with daily life. But you aren’t truly living if that’s what you decide.

And living, with all due respect, is something only few of us know how to do.