To be lost in your own world is to explore another.

The dreamers come to these worlds. The activists. The designers.

There is no chaos in the new world.

People say hello to each other, not because they have to, but because they want to. There are lights everywhere. And music. People do as they wish, go where they like.

There is always a city square, bright with happiness. Someone dances while another sings. A block away, a privately-owned coffee shop thrives. Kids draw beautiful things on the pavement. Everyone stays up later, walking around, living their lives.

School, here, is optional after grade eight. Self-explanatory programs base themselves in universities, open to all ages.

Diversity is encouraged. Discrimination is not tolerated.

People live in what they want. Money is not a standard priority. Everything is powered by sunlight. The more the children play on the playground, the more energy is distributed throughout society.

They are all happy. People are good. Liberty is important. Love is plentiful. And life is cherished.


But it’s not really like that. We all wish it was. But it’s not.